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This is the cheesy part where I talk about myself...

Kristian Grljević

I'm just a down to earth dude that loves spending time with his family.
Dad, husband and wannabe chef.

SKILLED in: Adobe creative cloud

Hobbies: Basketball, fishing, cooking

Best job I ever had: Being a father




"It started as a hobby, turned into a passion and has developed into a career." 


California dreaming


Mid 80's - 2003

Born in Mountain View, California, I lived in the Silicon Valley until 2003. So I am very much a "tech child". Living in the global hub of technology with the likes of Apple, Adobe, and Google (I think you've heard of them), I was always interested in all things new. As a child I was always into doodling, computers and creative projects.


"Living in Dubrovnik, Croatia provides all the creative inspiration I need."


The PEarl of the Adriatic



Moving to Europe definitely shaped me a designer. Being Croatian and living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Dubrovnik, Croatia, it's never a problem finding inspiration. Between the surrounding centuries old architecture and the Adriatic sea my "office" fuels my creative drive.  




01 Brand design

Out of everything I do, brand identity design is my favorite. A logo is something that is not only the first thing a customer notices, it is your corporate signature. I believe a good logo can totally transform the performance of a business because it motivates you and your staff to live up to that logo. I like to tie in numerous elements into a logo to create a "story", so the more info I get about a business, the better the logo might turn out.


Web design based on the clients profile and business culture. A well designed website that has a powerful visual presence is essential in this day in age.  The days of mediocre looking websites are far behind us. I offer web design in .psd (Adobe Photoshop©), I leave to the programming part to the code gurus and try to focus on knocking out a great design.

03 Print design

From magazines and newspapers to flyers, poster and stationary sets, I offer a wide array of print design services. Working in the media (art/creative director) for over 10 years I have designed and successfully launched numerous forms of printed media for clients all over the world. I provide print-ready files, you can take these files to the printing company of your choice.


Social Media

Let's connect on social media, word of mouth is the most efficient form of marketing.
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