"It started as a hobby, turned into a passion and has developed into a career." 


California dreaming


Mid 80's - 2003

Born in Mountain View, California, I lived in the Silicon Valley until 2003. So I am very much a "tech child". Living in the global hub of technology with the likes of Apple, Adobe, and Google (I think you've heard of them), I was always interested in all things new. As a child I was always into doodling, computers and creative projects.


"Living in Dubrovnik, Croatia provides all the creative inspiration I need."


The PEarl of the Adriatic



Moving to Europe definitely shaped me a designer. Being Croatian and living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world Dubrovnik, Croatia, it's never a problem finding inspiration. Between the surrounding centuries old architecture and the Adriatic sea my "office" fuels my creative drive.