01 Brand design

Out of everything I do, brand identity design is my favorite. A logo is something that is not only the first thing a customer notices, it is your corporate signature. I believe a good logo can totally transform the performance of a business because it motivates you and your staff to live up to that logo. I like to tie in numerous elements into a logo to create a "story", so the more info I get about a business, the better the logo might turn out.


Web design based on the clients profile and business culture. A well designed website that has a powerful visual presence is essential in this day in age.  The days of mediocre looking websites are far behind us. I offer web design in .psd (Adobe Photoshop¬©), I leave to the programming part to the code gurus and try to focus on knocking out a great design.

03 Print design

From magazines and newspapers to flyers, poster and stationary sets, I offer a wide array of print design services. Working in the media (art/creative director) for over 10 years I have designed and successfully launched numerous forms of printed media for clients all over the world. I provide print-ready files, you can take these files to the printing company of your choice.